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Sackboy’s Wish

Sackboy-Wish-05 © 2012 . All rights reserved.

Sort of like a booster pack, I brought the “Sackboy Lives Here” project back to life for Christmas Day, 2011.

I Am SackBoy

I Am SackBoy © 2009 . All rights reserved.

For my birthday, I decided to make my SackBoy Lives Here! image very special… so I made it a SackBoy meets my Evolution series.

SackBoy Lives Here!

Look To The Sky © 2009 . All rights reserved.

“SackBoy Lives Here!” is a new project of mine based around the idea of a character living in our world. The series will have at least one new image (at least) per day of the character SackBoy exploring our world, … Continue reading

Evolution: Series 1

The Singer © 2009 . All rights reserved.

This is my new body of work and a series concept I’ve been planning for around a year. It’s called “Evolution” and while this is the first series, don’t expect it to be the last. I already know what I … Continue reading

Ruled By Madness

002 GRAY © 2009 . All rights reserved.

As part of an Alice In Wonderland group show held at Sydney’s Ruby Rabbit on July 31, I put in a few new images that were printed onto Harman warm gloss fibre and shown to the world. Or at the … Continue reading

Drink Me (Or Don’t)

Or Don't (1) © 2009 . All rights reserved.

For the Alice In Wonderland themed group show at Ruby Rabbit on July 31, 2009, it was pretty obvious that I was going to put in some photos… you know, being a photographer. What was unexpected for me was that … Continue reading

Coded Dreams

Nikki © 2004 . All rights reserved.

This is one of my Uni projects that blended digital images of friends done as paper negatives over actual images of me sleeping. All in the darkroom.